COSTUMES AND COLLAPSE: Leah Feldman, Lecture, June 22, 2023, 7 PM

A costume change not only can suit up a character shift in a performance but can refashion a socio-political transition. Amid the collapse of the Soviet empire in the Caucasus and Central Asia, costumes served as mode for casting and unraveling political and social relations. Costumes at once wove national form into the fabric of socialist content as they simultaneously served as a powerful samizdat art form; at once they enrobed gendered, racialized and class hierarchies only to strip them. Costumes bring art from the palace to the gallery and to the street, improvise political assemblages, and transform the bodily form. This lecture traces a series of performative threads toward thinking through the politics and aesthetics of the costume change.

Lecture will take place at Pickle Bar.

Language: English.

Opening starts at 7 PM, snacks and drinks will be served at Pickle Bar.  

Free admission. Registration for the participation will be available online.

Leah Feldman