LOOMS AND LABOR:  a three-day intensive program, dedicated to the topic of textiles and labor, Pickle Bar, 23 -25 November, 2023 

Fashion and textile production involve many of the irregularities of our time. From resource exploitation, to challenging working conditions and gender imbalances, this industry attests to the extremes of our late capitalist era. The intensive program reflects on the possibility to propose alternatives to the top-to-bottom, or head-to-toe, model associated with labor in this domain. Through lectures, discussions, studio visits and meetings with local professionals, the participants in the three-day program will critically reflect on questions of labor in relation to the creation and circulation of fashion and textiles in the different craft traditions and contemporary practices.

The program caters to artists, scholars, cultural actors and students, who convene in-person to stitch, weave, and thread ideas, discourses, and expressions together as a small group. The organizers intend for participants to leave the program with robust relationships as well as an enthusiasm for continued engagement with the expansive topic under consideration in their respective field.

The program is free for chosen participants, who will be selected on the basis of an application. Participants shall be residents in Berlin for the duration of the program. All are welcomed to apply.

The program is conducted in English over three consecutive days. Pickle Bar, where most of the lectures and discussions will take place, is wheelchair accessible. A select number of studio visits will also be conducted in and around Berlin. The costs for public transport is a responsibility of the participants themselves.

Curators (Slavs and Tatars): Patricia Couvet, Anastasia Marukhina

 The program is supported by Bezirkskulturfonds by the department of Art and Culture of the Bezirksamts Mitte von Berlin.

Full program to be announce soon

24 November, 2023,7PM, Serkan Delice, lecture (public)

25 November, 2023, 7PM, Imogen-Blue Hinojosa, performance (public)

Participants can apply here to take part in the program