HACERNOCHE, SON DE AQUI, García Virgil 601-A, Centro, Oaxaca, Mexico, September 9–December 11, 2022

Pickle Bar travels to the HacerNoche Festival. A Slavic interpretation of an Italian aperitivo bar, is also an invitation to engage with pickled delicacies and a Slavic aperitif in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere and explore the boundaries and possibilities of languages. The integration of Pickle Bar into the HacerNoche project creates a space for dialogues with international and local artists exploring fermentation as a political argument both from Slavs and Tatars’ regions and Mexico.

Participants: Sexto Collectivo, Alex Shams, Selin Davasse, Carlos Lara, Shalva Nikvashivili, Beto Ruiz

Dates: September 9, September 14, October 21 & 22, November 18

Son de Aquí, Garcia Virgile 601A, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca, Mexico